Amphora PROFILE - Amphora


The Amphora team is composed of crazy wine and spirit lovers, passionate and curious people who love their work.

We are thrilled to share with you our mission, our vision, our culture and our team.

  • Partner with our suppliers to promote excellence with regards to wine and spirits while ensuring their development.

    Offer our clients a qualitative range and variety of wines and spirits to meet their needs and enable them to discover exclusive producers.
    General listings, specialty products and private imports.

    Represent the products from our suppliers at the SAQ, in restaurants, Chains, Clubs, hotels and private customers with an experienced, skilled and passionate team.

  • Be recognized by our suppliers as one of the best agencies with whom they deal in the world to help them achieve their goals.


    • Share the suppliers objectives.
    • Develop the business volume of our current suppliers.
    • Have a wine approach and be able to work regular products, specialties and private importations.
    • Invest in training for our team and our customers and become a leader in our industry.
    • Share our expertise in product development with our suppliers .
    • To be more effective, Insure that our sales team is using the newest technologies.
    • Add new producers to have a complete and original portfolio.
  • Respect for the land, the work of man over the generations, of families who live off the land, acting with professionalism, honesty and loyalty.

    Take ownership of the brands of our suppliers and promote them as if they belonged to us.

    Manage the supplier’s budgets as if the money came from us.

  • Our company and our employees share an approach which is as follows:


    • Passion for wine and gourmet products.
    • Respect for the environment.
    • Accountability, Ownership.
    • Courtesy and professionalism.
    • The will to succeed and win.
    • The entrepreneurial attitude.
    • The team approach.
  • Our team consists of people who are passionate about wine and have a thorough knowledge of the Quebec market.
    A dedicated team to which the success of its suppliers is a priority.
    A team that will join a group of sales representative with experience in our industry and share our values??.